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The Cruiser


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The client.

Elizabeth and Phillip are a couple in their 60’s who had recently sold their business and were ready to retire. They have three children, and four precious grandchildren. They came to Baharian Wealth Management seeking help with planning for the next phase of their lives.

The solution.

An extensive and thorough analysis was conducted in determining how much money Elizabeth and Phillip could spend, how long it could last, and what could be left over for future generations.

A review of their portfolio not only determined their existing investments were not (and had not been) performing for some time, they were also paying far too much in fees, which was eating into their income.

We then helped put in place a robust estate plan to ensure their wealth passed on to future generations in the most efficient and effective way whilst protecting their family’s legacy.

The cruiser

The problem.

Elizabeth and Phillip have spent many years building not only a solid business, but also their personal wealth. A cash injection and preparation for retirement has got them to rethink the way they managed their money.

  1. Elizabeth no longer wanted Phillip sitting in front of the computer watching the stock market all day. She also didn’t want their lives to be at the mercy of BHP’s share price.

  2. They feared making poor decisions with their money, especially because they no longer have the time horizon to make it back up.

  3. They want to ensure they have enough for their retirement and future healthcare, so that they can do the things that are most important to them in life.

  4. They also want to make sure their children benefit, and their family legacy is protected.

The result.

  1. The review of their investments and existing portfolio saved them over $30,000 in fees each year.

  2. We implemented an evidence-based investment portfolio, which meant that Elizabeth and Phillip understood what they were investing in and why, and the results they could expect from such a portfolio. Their portfolio was well and truly diversified and Phillip no longer needed to spend every waking hour watching their share portfolio.

  3. Their portfolio was designed in such a way that the dividends and distributions would fund their ongoing lifestyles expenses, as well as helping their children and grandchildren. Their family’s wealth was also restructured to ensure longevity for the next generation.

Elizabeth and Phillip now have a structured game plan. They are no longer fearful about their finances or their future. They’re travelling more freely, spending more time with their grandchildren, and volunteering their time and expertise to communities and groups they are passionate about – because that’s what life is about.


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