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The Big Dreamer


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The client.

Meet Jenny and Peter from Clifton Hill. Medical and finance professionals in their early 30’s earning a household income of $300,000 per annum.

The solution.

We mapped out what needed to happen, by when, and what it would cost. We undertook detailed financial modeling and analysed different scenarios that would help them achieve their goals. We then pinpointed a strategy that would not only continue to give them flexibility to live the life they want today, but also the life they want to live in the future.

The client

The problem.

Jenny and Peter came to us with four key goals they wanted to achieve, however they were time poor, unsure of what to do and where to start.

  1. They had just finished some renovations on their family home and wanted to be debt free as soon as possible.

  2. They wanted to buy an investment property to help diversify and grow their wealth.

  3. Education was important to them - they were planning on having children and wanted to have the option of sending them to an independent school.

  4. Flexibility was important to them - they wanted to create multiple income streams for their future.


They were attracted to our consultancy approach and our creative thinking.

The result.

We helped Jenny and Peter clarity their options. We gave them guidance and support along the way in helping them make decisions that were right for them including:

  1. Establishing a robust and thoughtful cash flow program.

  2. Fast tracking the repayment of their home loan by working with a specialist mortgage broker who negotiated a better deal with their bank, and putting in place a structured loan repayment schedule. They are now home loan-free. All within five years.

  3. Establishing a diverse investment portfolio which has grown significantly in value since it began. This has grown to a point where it will fund their children’s independent school fees as well as providing approximately $30,000 per annum in dividends and distributions.

  4. Purchasing an investment property. In time, this will be developed into a dual occupancy property, increasing their rent from $18,000 pa to $73,000 per annum.

  5. Consolidated their superannuation funds into a low cost and streamlined portfolio with long-term growth in mind.


Jenny and Peter are now confident in their decision making. They know what they’re doing, and why they’re doing it. They have a clear plan of how they’re going to live the life they want with a sounding board and an accountability partner on their side.


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