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Your financial future is a picture made up of many parts

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Understanding your financial position.

Below you will find a list of documents we will require in order to have an accurate and up to date picture of your financial position. This will enable us to provide you with the most appropriate advice.

We ask that you use this list as a reference/checklist/guide - feel free to print it off and mark off the items as you go. There may be items that do not apply to your circumstances, in which case you can ignore. There may also be items that have not been listed here, however you feel as though would be valuable for us to have, in which case we ask that you provide to us.


If you cannot get your hands on the below documents, that's okay. Please provide us with whatever information you have right now. It's not unusual for information to be fed to us in 'dribs and drabs' over time as we uncover new information. Another way to provide this information to us is by making an introduction to your accountant, lawyer, mortgage broker, and so on. And we can do the digging around for you - whatever works for you.

Understanding your position


  • Driver's license, and/or

  • Passport

Corporate structure

If you hold a corporate structure, please provide for each entity and as they relate to you. Your corporate structure may include a Trust, Company, and/or Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF).​

  • Trust deed/s

  • Company constitution

  • Shareholder agreement

  • Buy/Sell agreement

Assets & Liabilities

Residential (including family home)/Commercial property

  • Owner

  • Current estimated value

  • original purchase price

  • Purchase date

  • Rental income ($ pm/pa)

  • Regular expenses associated with the property

Share/investment portfolio (or other)

  • Portfolio valuation report


  • Holding statements (showing number of shares/units held)

  • Original purchase price


Income & Expenses

Please provide us with supporting income documentation as they relate to you:

  • Latest two payslips

  • Employment contract

  • Full tax return (all entities, Individual, Company, Trust, and SMSF if applicable)

  • Financial statement (all entities, Individual, Company, Trust, and SMSF if applicable)

  • Rental statements

  • Pension statement

  • Other



If you have superannuation, please provide us with:

  • Latest superannuation statement/s

  • If you operate a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF), your SMSF Trust Deed

  • Tax returns, financial and member statements for last three financial years (SMSF only and if applicable)

Personal insurance

If you have personal insurance in place:

  • Latest personal insurance statement and/or policy schedule

  • Latest private health insurance statement

Estate planning

If you have estate planning in place:

  • Wills

  • Power/s of Attorney (POA)

  • Loan agreement/s

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