Wealth management in the modern world is complex

It requires expertise, experience and excellence. At Baharian Wealth Management, we offer a comprehensive set of services that ensure all aspects of your financial affairs are well designed, precisely constructed, and working reliably and efficiently together.

You may or may not utilise all of our services. The specific blend is dictated 100% by you. What we do for you evolves as you and your life evolve. The structure and support doesn’t change. This is real wealth management.



Strategic wealth planning

This is big picture stuff.

Strategic advice means taking into account your non-investment life. It’s looking at the overall picture of your lifestyle. This is because it’s only possible to maximize and optimize your financial position if we first analyse salaries, cash flows, debts, tax structures and asset ownership.

Only then can we put in place a process and plan for you and your family’s future.

Asset protection and structuring wealth

Wealth can be held in various vehicles, including trusts, private companies and foundations. Each structure has its own benefits, its own taxation and estate planning implications.

In conjunction with tax professionals, we help you assess the various options and then identify the right legal structure for you and your family.

Asset allocation

Numerous studies have shown that deciding the percentage of a person’s assets that go into cash, bonds and fixed income, or shares and property, will determine the size of their investment returns.

It’s little wonder we spend quite some time uncovering, not only your appetite and tolerance for risk, but your capacity to assume risk in order to determine the most appropriate allocation and mix of assets for you and your family.

Investment selection

Once we identify the appropriate mix of assets for you and your family, we make use of specialist investment managers around the world, grounded by academic research and evidence, to provide you with specific advice on how to split your investments.

That way we can set you up with a made-to-measure, diversified portfolio that will put the odds of financial success firmly in your favour.

Financial modeling and simulation

We do our best to take the uncertainty out of the future.

We help you look beyond today by providing well-researched insights into the long-term effects of whatever course you choose.

Thorough analysis, and using our unique financial modeling tools, we provide you with the information to help you make educated, rational decisions.

Personal risk management

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are today, so it’s important not to let the unexpected destroy your family’s financial position or compromise your lifestyle.

So we look very carefully at whether you should lessen your risk exposure by building protection around your assets through either self-insurance or outsourcing.

Succession and estate planning

The decisions made today about how your affairs are structured will play a central role in the way your assets are transferred to future generations.

Together with professional experts in the estate planning field, we can draft a plan that will provide an efficient and effective framework that will make sure the chosen beneficiaries of your estate receive exactly what you’ve decided.


Many of our clients wish to contribute to, or lead, positive change.

If you should want to give back to your community, we can, with the help of philanthropic service experts, guide you through your options for supporting what matters to you and your family. This can be incorporated into your overall wealth plan.