Tales of Magic, Unicorns and Wizards

magic, unicorns, and wizards

It was a few years ago now, sitting in lecture theaters being educated in financial and risk management by some of the brightest lecturers in this field. The classroom teaches us many things, some things however can’t be taught in the classroom they say, and must be learnt in the real world. Sure – I have no doubt this is true. But the real world has been known to influence us a little further from the truth – persuading us to indulge in fantasies and tales of magic, unicorns and wizards.

Unknowingly, you too may have been persuaded.

Here’s Professor Fama, professor at University of Chicago Booth, American economist and Nobel laureate in Economics, on how markets really work.

Sometimes we need to revisit what we learnt at school to bring us back to the real world.