we’re a different private wealth management firm

We help our clients make sound financial decisions by bringing together vast amounts of individual pieces of information to create their unique financial picture, so they’re able to achieve the things that are most important to them.

It also means we can ensure they avoid the kind of mistakes that can all too easily destroy their hard earned wealth.

There are three things that we (our clients, also) consider to be really important.



Keeping the numbers down

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are today. At the very least, you want to maintain your lifestyle, but most likely you want to improve on it.

But you’re also worrying about paying for your children’s education, or selling your business, or planning for your retirement, or looking to invest for the long-term. All of these things require careful planning.

To help our clients over these kind of life hurdles, it’s essential to build real, honest and long-term relationships with all of them. And we believe this is only feasible if we restrict numbers to a select group of passionate, driven, and successful individuals and their families.

Our ideal is to be bigger than small, but smaller than big. That way we can give you the attention, professional care and expert advice that you deserve.

It can be difficult making the right financial decision today when you’re confused, unsure and even frightened as to its impact on you and your family tomorrow. Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees.

At Baharian Wealth Management, we have both the experience and knowledge to be able to look beyond today, to see what’s on the horizon for you and your family, and to have insights into the long-term impact of the various options you’re now facing.

Thorough analysis, using our unique financial modelling tools, we can provide you with the information that will assist you in the making of educated, rational decisions.

We call this horizon planning.



Keeping our eyes on your horizon



Keeping to the science of investing

We have clients who want to build long-term investment portfolios. Others who want to have greater control over their retirement savings. And those who used to manage their own investment or retirement portfolios, but weren’t even getting the market returns they should expect.

For every single one of our clients, we look beyond the financial market’s short-term fads, the panicked reaction, the rumoured sure thing and the intuitive forecast, and we help them build an investment portfolio that’s based on decades of academic research and hard-nosed evidence. Suddenly, the odds of financial success are in your favour.

We call this scientific investing. It’s where academia meets the financial world.